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Men’s Fashion during the 1920s

When speaking about fashion way back during the 1920s, people always talk about women’s fashion. But what about men’s fashion during the 1920s? Just like the changes in fashion sense of women during the 1920s, there were also a lot of changes when it came to the fashion sense of men during the 1920s. Fashion in boys and men during the 1920s were more in comfort, it became sportier, and at the same time, fashion of men during the 1920s was more versatile.

Shirts for Men during the 1920s

Men’s Fashion during the 1920s

During the 1920s, shirts that were button-down were famous. The way how button-down shirts were worn during the 1920s was tucking the shirt into men’s trousers. Shirts may come in short sleeves or long sleeves, depending on what will be the paired pullover sweater or even vests. One of the most common or popular shirt types during the 1920s was the flannel shirt, and the coats during the 1920s were mostly made of wool and are double-breasted.

Pants for Men during the 1920s

For the pants in men during the 1920s, it became shorter. Pants were shorter during the 1920s because of the introduction of knickers. Knickers are a type of pants that is made of cotton, wool, or velvet. Knickers had a button and zipper closure and suspenders were used to hold it in place. And for the long pants of men during the 1920s, long pants that were wide legged and made from either cotton or wool were famous and commonly used.

Accessories for Men during the 1920s

Not like women who have too many accessories worn all over the body at once, men when it came to accessories can be considered to be minimalists. For men’s accessories during the 1920s, fashion hats were commonly used. There were a lot of different types of fashion hats during the 1920s that were used by men, such as Fedora hat, slouch hat, and the famous top hat. Aside from those 3 mentioned, baseball caps were also loved by men, especially those who belong in the younger generation. Aside from fashion hats donned by men from the 1920s, accessories such as canvas shoes, two toned wing tip shoes were also loved by men who were fashionable back then. However, not all men love donning clothes that were loved or that were in during the 1920s, some men believe in wearing clothes that they were comfortable with.