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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Men’s Hairstyle during the 1920s

The decade of the 1920s was very famous for jazz, dance, and changes in both men and women’s fashion sense and statement. The 1920s was also referred to as the “art deco period”, wherein the 1920s was the start of what is famous these days, the art deco design. Anyone who hears 1920s will always associate it with fashion, such as women’s clothes, men’s fashion hats, and women’s hairstyle (the famous bob cut). What other people do not know is that the 1920s was also an era or period for distinct changes in men’s hairstyles.

Men’s 1920s Hairstyle: Smooth

Men’s Hairstyle during the 1920s: Smooth Hairstyle

There were several different types of men’s 1920s hairstyle. And one of the most famous hairstyle for men during the said period was wearing their hair smooth and plastered down. Smooth and plastered down hair in men are going for a neat and clean hair finish. In this type of hairstyle, the hair is usually brushed back from the face and it is parted on the left side or the right side, either sides. To achieve the smooth hairstyle, the hair is longer near the face and as it goes lower to the nape, the hair gets shorter and shorter.

Men’s 1920s Hairstyle: Military Cut

Aside from men keeping their hair smooth and plastered, men from the 1920s also loved military cuts. In a military cut, the hair will be cut very short, if possible, shorter than 1 centimeter. Not all men liked the military cut, only those men who are physically active, such as sports enthusiasts and athletes. Aside from men who are physically active, young men also loved the military cut. One problem with the military cut is that it needs to be maintained regularly, since the length of the hair needs to be maintained and kept short all the time.

Beards and Mustaches during the 1920s

Beards and mustaches during the 1920s in men were also very famous. However, not all men love growing mustaches and beards. Mustaches and beards were specifically famous and loved by men in the older years. Even though mustaches and beards were not as famous in younger men as famous in older men, there were still young men who grew mustaches and beards for one reason, to make them look more mature and older. After the 1920s, the popularity of mustaches and beards started to decrease slowly until it totally disappeared.