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Men’s Suit during the 1920s

Both men and women of the younger generation during the 1920s were characterized with radical changes, including their attitudes, freedom, work, and even on how they dress or their fashion style. Freedom was felt during the 1920s since it was after World War I and changes of people were brought about by newfound feelings of independence and freedom. Men during the 1920s started to love wearing clothes of popular sports figures during that time, making their suits changed in style but made from similar or usual fabric used in making suits for men.

Men’s 1920s Suit: Sack Suit

Men’s Suit during the 1920s

Sack suit is one of the famous suits for men during the 1920s. Sack suit is a three piece suit that has a 3-to-2 button blazer that has no darts, with a vest that is matching, and pants that do not have pleats. Sack suit during the 1920s took a new attitude that can give a more youthful look and feel and colors used were much lighter and sometimes bright when compared to sack suits during the previous decade. Pants for sack suits were intended to be short so that socks worn can be seen, and sometimes, pants were also worn with cuffs.

Men’s 1920s Suit: Jazz Suit

The jazz suit is a type of suit that is characterized with a wide legged, high waisted, and tight cuffed pants. For the coat of the suit, it is long that has featured wide lapels and has a wide padded shoulder. Jazz suits during the 1920s can sometimes be bright colored. For the shirt worn under the jazz suit, it is usually a shirt buttoned up to the neck. Jazz suits became very famous during the 1920s since it is during the 1920s wherein people, both men and women, love partying and dancing to jazz music.

Men’s 1920s Suit: Tuxedo

Tuxedos were used by men for a very long time already, even up to the present times, tuxedos are still worn in formal events. During the 1920s, men loved wearing tuxedos as evening wear. Tuxedos during the 1920s were made up of single breasted tail coat, starched white shirts with pleated yokes, a bow tie, and pants with a matching fabric with the tail coat. Tuxedos during the 1920s or even up to the present time are most likely paired or worn with patent leather shoes to add a more formal and decent look and feel to the wearer.

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