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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Messy Chignon and Complex Chignon Hairstyles

Long hairstyles during the 1920s were way too old school during that period. Hairstyles during the art deco period or during the 1920s were short, very short, even for women. Short hairstyles or flapper hairstyles during the art deco period portrays women to be independent and somehow rebellious. Even though it was during the 1920s where very short haircuts, specifically the bob haircut, were very famous and loved by many women, there were still women who can’t dare to cut their hair very short. However, even if there were women who do not cut their long hairs short, they can still get the look of bob haircuts or other short hairstyles by doing the chignon hairstyle.

Chignon Hairstyle

In chignon hairstyle, it can give an impression of a bob haircut. The basic chignon hairstyle is done by tucking the back portion of the hair into a lower chignon, or famously known as the “bun”. Doing a chignon hairstyle can already allow women to wear clochet hats during the 1920s, a famous fashion statement during the art deco period. As a matter of fact, the chignon hairstyle has a lot of variations and different ways on how it is done, such as:

Messy Chignon Hairstyle

Messy Chignon

Messy chignons can’t just be a perfect hairstyle for informal events, such as concerts, etc., it can also be used and perfect for formal events as well. Here is how to do a messy chignon hairstyle:

  1. Tease the crown of your hair and spray it with extra-hold hairspray. You can even use hair inserts to add more volume to your teased hair.
  2. Once teasing the crown of your hair is done, you can now create a ponytail at the center of the back of your head or you can place a ponytail at either side of your head.
  3. Twist sections of your hair and tuck them in (create a bun). Secure your tucked hair with pins and clips. Since this variation of the chignon hairstyle is messy, allow loose strands of hair to fall down, to give it a messy-sophisticated-edgy finish.

Complex Chignon Hairstyle

Complex Chignon Hairstyles

Complex chignons are usually done in formal events, such as dances, plays, weddings, formal parties, etc. Here is how to do complex chignon hairstyle:

  1. Pull all your hair (brushed up) into a tight ponytail at the center back of your head, and not at the nape area.
  2. Instead of doing the conventional and usual chignon way by splitting the hair only into 2 sections, in complex chignon hairstyle, this time, you will have to split your hair into 16 sections.
  3. Each section of the 16, tightly and neatly twist it and secure it in a full circle around the ponytail.
  4. After completing all 16 sections of the hair, you can add various hair accessories.

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