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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Miami Beach Architectural District

Art Deco Design Inspiration Used In Miami Beach District

To see the core beauty of art deco buildings and architecture, Miami Beach architectural district would be your ideal choice because this is a place which contains highest art deco concentration. Following art deco buildings style and making it their base, Miami represents the most attractive masterpiece of the world. The use of vibrant colors and exceptional patterns has given it a surprising look. It represents the time of 1920s when the city Miami was highly developed and promoted one for its tropical land.

The Style Of Miami Beach District

The Miami Beach district has full appeal of art deco design. It contains the grand art deco collection and lavish decorative structure. The most of the areas are built in 1923-1943. Gradually, some other design movements also influence Miami district, but again in 1976, a new group got involved in the development of this region and work hard to restore the actual art deco influence. This group has done a great job to protect, restore and preserve complete historical influence of art deco design on Miami Beach.

Amazing Facts About Miami Beach District

The district due to its amazing art deco buildings and other art deco design elements had got place in National register of Historic places. After getting listed in 1979, it extended to Lenox court and to Dade Boulevard and to Collins Canal. The place has a grand queue of luxurious hotels, apartments, houses and many other art deco buildings which are designed in geometrical and eclectic style. So, the Miami Beach district is a place with exceptional factors and elements which should learn by world people.

Famous Art Deco Buildings In Miami Beach District

Miami Beach Art Deco Design Buildings

The proof of the availability of art deco design in Miami beach district can be seen in form of amazing recognized art deco buildings present in this area. The famous examples of the buildings include The Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building. These two buildings present versatile approach of art deco design and the influence of this style is known in several countries like China, Poland, India, Russia, Spain, Indonesia and many more. But when it comes to Miami Beach district, the symmetrical design should necessarily be highlighted.

Several Milestones Appear In The Way Of Miami Beach To Be An Ideal Art Deco District

To be a right example of art deco design, Miami Beach has to pass through several milestones and when it has successfully overcome these stoppages, it has emerged as the most fascinating and clean example of art deco. In the time of 20s, this beach was highly famous place to hangout for rich and wealthy people. These rich people have developed many grand hotels and apartments based on art deco design. The entrance of Mafia in 70s to this place proved a big crisis on the soul design of this place; but it again reformed when Miami Design Preservation League has come into light.