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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Renovate Your Bathroom with Art Deco Design

Art deco is the latest trend in bathroom designs which is all about extraordinary textures, adorning ideas and luxury. Art deco interior designing is different from rest of the design techniques as it brings geometric patterns, artistic forms, bold color combinations, luxury materials and creative bathroom design concepts into modern homes.

Contemporary art deco bathroom designs are significant of beautiful displays of high-class, unique items and interior decorating concepts that create conspicuous compositions. Leather, glass, ceramics, exotic wood, fabrics, wrought iron items and marble are combined for eccentric or unique modern bathroom designs in art deco fashion.

Solid furniture made of wood and home fountains, glamorous crystals, beautiful bathroom accessories with chrome and nickel finishes and art works, ethnic and class design concepts, dynamic patterns and bright contrasts are blended in modern and beautiful bathroom design in art deco style.

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Art Deco Bathroom – Design & Ideas

Are you having a bathroom, which with time have developed rusty valves, leaky tiles and decaying walls-it’s time for a major bathroom renovation. If you love any of its existing features such as your bathtub or sink color, you can hold on to these features and plan a design around them. With art deco design, you can give your existing bathroom an aesthetic look at minimal cost.

Art deco is the loveliest decorative style that had its beginning in the period amongst two world wars that captivate the attention of public for nearly ten decades. Perfectly suitable for both home interiors and grand public spaces, it has never gone out of fashion since its introduction at Paris in 1925.

When you are planning to renovate or remodel your bathroom with art deco, every design implemented will be unique. If you are not sure of designs, you can take help of art deco design consultants. These experts will handle all your product design and ensures that it fits according to your choice. Few common products that go well with art deco bathroom design are:

  • Geometric designed tiles and flooring
  • Bold-colored bathtub or countertop
  • Wallpaper with geometric patterns
  • Decorative lightning and fixtures

You can also be a little creative by decorating the bathroom with vintage styled chandelier or other crystal accents.

To capture the look of art deco design on your bathroom cabinets you can try some shades of gray with bold vertical and horizontal lines. Most common deco-inspired niceties such as:

  • Silver-toned hardware
  • Frosted glass door inserts
  • Chrome fixtures

Works well with the art deco style adding more glamor to your bathroom.

Granite is the most preferred natural stone for countertops and flooring. You can look for natural colors of granite that appear bold and stylish to set-up your bathroom countertops.

Be Creative

Art deco design has also evolved with time so you don’t have to just stick to the formal designing materials or ideas. You can always add your creativity and imagination to work up a unique art deco design. Just make sure you are sticking to the geometric patterns while designing. So if you are starting a renovation project for your bathroom, make sure you make it beautiful with art deco design for bathroom.