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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Restoring Art Deco Chair

When it comes to antiques furniture you just cannot rely on its initial appearance. It can mislead. For example, an upholstered art deco chair might have huge rips and tears in it, but you should not base your buying decision on it. As long as frame is intact, you can bet your money on an art deco chair. Press Art deco furniture including chairs can be recovered and given a new lease of life.  To examine durability of the art deco chair, press hard on the sides. Hold the chair going back to it and shake it well, if it feels sturdy and tough you are good to go.

Don’t risk it if you are not satisfied—I believe it is nowhere in your thought that your mother in-law land on your chick chair and falls right through it…or is it? (Wink)


Restoration Tips for Art Deco Chair

Art Deco Chair

Art deco is a term describing decorative style of art and architecture, including furniture, jewelry and more. It represents an era in the early 20th century. Complex patterns are common in Art Deco chairs that make repair and to veneer a little difficult. While repairing Art Deco furniture make sure that its originality and beauty remains intact. Using the incorrect style hardware, painting the surface or failing to match woods will tarnish its real beauty. Keep in mind the following suggestions; they will help you start off on the right foot.

  • Art Deco chairs often have veneer surface that is most often chipped or pulled away. If you are thinking of cleaning or polishing the surface yourself make sure that the cloth you use for cleaning and polishing is very soft and has firm weave, anything hard can catch the threads on the veneer.
  • Art deco tables, chairs and even couches may have leather surfaces or sections. Leather has a tendency to crack if it’s left too dry, so it needs a treatment at least once a year to keep it supple. Use cream made specifically for the purpose; there are many manufacturers you can easily find online. But before applying the product directly to the chair’s surface do a small patch first to ensure even blend.
  • Art Deco Chair

    Art Deco furniture including chairs was famous for their elegant wood and glossy look. These chairs were given many finishes, including wax or shellac. To clean off build-up layers which often cover up the original finish, carefully wipe the surface with mineral spirits. Now wipe dry then leave it for air dry, then again wipe the surface with a clean cloth. Use a light coat of beeswax to protect the surface from possible damages.

  • You can apply any new idea of cleaning and restoring an Art Deco chair but make sure you don’t use a chemical to clean the furniture; chemical may ruin the veneer and the piece will no longer be useful as an antique.

Consider Value Beforehand

Before you begin with restoration of your Art Deco chair or any other piece of furniture, evaluate your skills and knowledge realistically and also consider the right value of the piece you will be starting off with. A piece of furniture that is worth several thousand dollars and needs only slight repair work may be worth of price. But for a piece of furniture with only small antique it’s not smart choice to go for hundreds of dollars of repair work.