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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Ruba Rombic- The Oddest Thing Ever Brought Out In Glassware

Ruba Rombic is the most popular Art Deco pattern produced by the Consolidated Glass Company in the year 1928. This beautiful masterpiece was manufactured by pouring glass into a metal gold. It was a great achievement of the hard work of a creative American art deco glass designer Reuben Haley. It is aptly titled as the name comes from “Rubaiy” which means a poem or an epic and from “Rhomboid” that means irregular in shape with no specific parallel lines. The colors for this art glassware came from the cubist palette. It is hard to own a single piece as little was made and less survives.

Ruba Rombic Glassware for Sale

All the pieces are considered as rarities because the production of this Art Deco was extremely limited. This glassware promises the most antique and desired piece of art glass of your choice. The line of production is relatively small consisting mostly of bottles, bowls, tumblers, vases and plates. Of all, the decanter is considered to be the most coveted piece as its design is unique and the Company’s patent too. The least expensive piece that you can get here is the 8” plate. The factors which determine the price of the decorative glassware are: the color and rarity of the piece and mostly ranges from $75 to $12000. The most reasonably priced ruba rombic artifacts are the high shot glass that starts at $110-$135 per piece for jungle green or smoky topaz. The widest selection made was of smoky topaz. Red and clear crystal pieces are considered as the rarest pieces. However, many glass collectors were not lucky enough to own even a single piece of this Art Deco.

Significant Features of Ruba Rombic

Reuben Haley, the master brain behind this wonderfully made glassware brought life to Cubism in this molded, hand-finished and hand blown glassware which almost looks like a chiseled block of ice. The colors used in designing this glassware are quite interesting. Some of the commonly used colors are jungle green, smoky topaz, jade, lilac, sunshine silver clear opal, apple green, milk glass, lamp shade, etc. Jack D. Wilson, a famous American writer has written a seminal reference book on this type of art glass and that is Phoenix & consolidated Art Glass 1926-1980. He has also started a club and Facebook group page for the same purpose.

Ruba Rombic – A Classic Art Piece of the Art Deco Design Period

It was an example for high quality art glass and the reviews praised Haley for his Art Deco being original and also for capturing the real essence of geometric form in glass. The school of thought called the design the craziest thing ever produced in glassware. The advertising campaign gave it a title “An Epic in Modern Art” and considered it as the “jewelry” for its art glassware division. This glassware exhibits the true specimens of Cubist art and reveals the importance of 20th century design. It was actually a far cry from the functional, streamlined and biomorphic shapes championed in “Machine Age” industrial design. To conclude, it is worth having at least a single piece of Ruba Rombic.

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