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Saxophone History & Its Contribution To Jazz Music

Saxophone – Having A Rich & Attractive Historical Background

In Jazz music, saxophone is a renowned instrument which jazz musicians use to create outstanding compositions. The use of saxophone in jazz music is coming from 150 years and thus, saxophone history is definitely 150 years old.  Indeed, it is a long time, but some of the musicians believe that saxophone is a newer instrument. What is the reality? Is definitely a matter to consider and here you will get through some interesting but genuine factors of saxophone history in detail. The main inventor of this instrument is Antoine Joseph Sax and on his name, this instrument gets its name Saxophone.

Contribution Of Antoine Joseph Sax To Saxophone & Its Emergence

After going through the Saxophone history, it came to know that Antoine Joseph Sax was the person who first invented this instrument and brought it in front of the world. With his efforts, Saxophone found its place in music world and gradually it became a famous jazz instrument. Though, initially it was only being played in street or club music. This guy was a brilliant instrument maker as well as musician. In 1846, this instrument was patented. Its tone versatility and beauty, it became a need of each band since the time it patented.

Life Of Joseph Sax

This expert instrumentalist, Joseph Sax had grown up in instrument making business and his father was also an expert maker of instruments. By 6 years, he turned to be an expert maker and also became a brilliant musician. At this age, he became aware of the disparity of tones between winds and strings. And also he started recognizing tonal beauty between woodwinds and brasses. When Sax found a need of such an instrument that can balance woodwinds, brasses and strings altogether, he then thought about an instrument which lately got popular with his name Saxophone. This is how saxophone got birth and came in to existence.

Different Types Of Saxophone Emerged With Time

The year 1841 introduced first invented saxophone which was named as C bass and it was displayed by Hector Berlioz who was a famous composer of that time. Its unique qualities and features made him feel amazed. This person became completely a fan of the dynamic control, tone and versatility of saxophone. After one year, the instrument went to Paris and thus, this instrument interacted with entire world. Since then, many variations of saxophone came into light in which E flat sopranino, E flat Alto, C Soprano, F Sopranino, C Tenor, C Bass, E Flat Baritone, B Flat Soprano, E Flat Alto, E flat Contrabass, C Bass are few of them.

Saxophone & Its Condition In Year 1845

Saxophone got amazing popularity among music lovers and due to its versatility, jazz music adopted it as an integral instrument. In Jazz music, it became essential to use saxophone. By 1845, this instrument ultimately got famous as a necessary part for every band. 1845 was the period which was famous as a time of band’s battle and Sax saw a great opportunity to make this instrument popular in this time.

By this period, he showed entire world the outstanding result of saxophone and also how it improved band tonal quality. With his effort, saxophone became a powerful instrument and integral part of jazz music.