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School Attires for Children

Even though the period of the 1920s was considered to be a new era in fashion to both adults and children, children who go to school during the said period have certain design of school attires that were appropriate for education. Unlike the years before the 1920s, children wear clothes as if they were wearing children’s version of their parents’ clothes. In 1920s, there were certain design of clothes that can really tell that certain piece of clothing was really made and intended for children’s use.

Children’s 1920s Fashion

School Attires for Children

Layers of clothes and laces during the 1920s for children were dramatically decreased when compared to how thick the layers and laces used during 1910s and earlier years. Both boys and girls in the 1920s were dressed in more comfortable and lighter garments of clothes than the 1910s. Mostly, children used canvas shoes, rompers and side snaps. Cheerful colors of clothes were also loved and widely used by children during the 1920s.

Girls’ School Outfit

It is very rare for girls to wear pants when going to school back in the 1920s. Dresses and skirts were usually worn by girls to school. However, when the weather is cold, thick and woolen skirts were called for to keep children warm when going to school. And when the weather is cool and hot, just like during summer seasons, children wear simple cotton skirts and dresses to keep them cool all the time in school. During the 1920s, colorful patterns of clothes and dresses were girls’ favorite. So most of the time, girls’ clothes come in colorful patters, usually in flowers or dots design. Girls who go to school during the 1920s loved wearing socks with laces or stockings paired with their skirts and dresses. Legs during the 1920s were needed to be covered or should not be totally exposed when going out of the house.

Boys’ School Outfit

School outfits for boys during the 1920s depend on which country they live in. For boys who live in the United States of America, they usually wore knickers when going to school, while boys who live in another country wore shorts when going to school. For older boys, most of them loved wearing short pants paired with long socks to school. As a matter of fact, pants or even shorts used in the 1920s were closed using buttons and not zippers. Zippers were first manufactured during 1924 and it took some time before zippers were widely used in closing pants and other garments.

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