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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Slouch Hat during the 1920s

The 1920s was also known as the art deco period. During the 1920s, there were so many changes in people’s lifestyles, and one of which was their fashion statement. The 1920s was even considered to be an iconic era in fashion. There were drastic and dramatic changes of how people (both men and women) wear clothes, how women apply their makeup, and how they cut and style their hair. One of the most famous accessories or fashion statement during the 1920s was hats. Looks for both men and women will never be complete without wearing a hat.

Slouch Hats during the 1920s

Slouch Hat during the 1920s

When the trend for hats during the 1920s started, many people from that time find the hat trend to be scandalous. However, people from the 1920s easily adjusted to the new fashion statement of their decade. Even though the iconic hat during the art deco period or 1920s was the cloche hat, there was a certain year, specifically 1928 where slouch hats became the trend hat style. Originally, the slouch hat was made for men, however, there was a designer during the 1920s that designed or made an androgynous slouch hat that can be worn by women. Since then, the slouch hat has become a trend for both men and women.

What is a Slouch Hat?

A slouch hat is a wide brimmed hat that is usually made of khaki. Usually, the slouch hat is in color brown and/or tan and it is often worn with one side of the slouch hat’s brim turned up. A side of the slouch hat is usually turned up totally or just in one side because of the brim’s wideness. Often times, a small piece of cloth will be attached around the slouch hat’s headpiece.

Purpose of the Slouch Hat

Obviously, since the slouch hat became a trend during the 1920s, its main purpose was for fashion. However, aside from fashion, slouch hat also serves another purpose. Slouch hats were also used for sun protection. The design style of slouch hats, the wide brim design is very effective in protecting the wearer’s eyes and even face from direct sunlight. Aside from the eyes and face, the slouch hat is also used in protecting the neck from direct sunlight. Slouch hats when used will not only make the wearer look fashionable, it can also help in protecting the wearer from acquiring sunburn from too much direct sunlight exposure during daytime.