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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Spanish Chignon Hairstyle

Chignon hairstyle is very famous during the 1920s or during the art deco period wherein some women can’t dare to cut their long hair short just to follow the bob haircut or hairstyle trend during the art deco period. It was before the 1920s wherein long hairstyles were famous and during the 1920s, women started to rebel and gain independence, and cutting their hair very short was somewhat a kind of a rebellious act. Women during the 1920s who do not want to cut their hair short put their hair in various long hairstyles, such as chignon hairstyle, to give an impression that their hair is short and not long.

Spanish Chignon

Spanish Chignon Hairstyle

The chignon hairstyle has a lot of variations, depending on what events will women be attending. The basic chignon hairstyle features a bun at the nape area of the neck, and from there, women applied their creativity and create chignon variation. The Spanish chignon is just one of the many variations of the chignon hairstyle. The Spanish chignon is popularized by Spanish flamenco dancers. Spanish chignon hairstyle is usually accessorized with flowers, since flamenco dancers typically wear flowers on their hair.

How to Recreate the Spanish Chignon

  1. Equally part your hair into 2 at the middle. Once equally parted, brush your hair down straight with a hair brush and make sure that you are going to brush your hair as close as possible to your head.
  2. You can apply hair gel or hair mousse to your hair to keep your hair neat and secured.
  3. Gently bring all your hair together at the nape area and tightly secure all your hair into a ponytail. If you want, you can make the ponytail not at the center portion of your nape. You can bring your ponytail to the side to give your Spanish chignon an asymmetrical look.
  4. Carefully and neatly twist your ponytail around the base of your ponytail and create a bun. You can use bobby pins or any other hairpins to secure all your hair into a bun. If you are still not satisfied with the result of your bun, you can start all over again until you are satisfied.
  5. You can apply more hairspray or more hair gel just to make sure that your Spanish chignon hairstyle will stay neatly in place for as long as possible.
  6. Once you are already done tucking all your hair into a bun neatly, you can now place fake or even real flowers on top of your bun, around your bun, or wherever you want to place them.