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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Stylish Art Deco Living Room

Give A Stylish Look To Your Living Room With Art Deco Design

Designing your living room with art deco design theme can make this area spectacular for sure. Living room is a place where we spend our most of the time while staying at home. Anybody who comes to our house from outside whether our relative, a neighbor, a friend or anyone, firstly visits this part of our home and thus, mostly people pay their maximum effort on making their living room an impressive area. Therefore, if you too want to make your living room a classic and attractive part of your property by using art deco design, then our article and ideas can help you in this regard.

Art Deco Design – Use Muted Colors To Paint Entire Living Room Area

As per my own view, I truly love this task as it entirely changes complete environment of a place. When we start designing our home by art deco theme, the selection of colors can make an instant difference to entire look of that area. When it comes to painting living room area and its wall, I must say it should be done very carefully. In art deco design, you will be offered several color templates and textures and also various decorating options to enhance you living area beauty. The colors used in art deco should be complementary and bright.

Art Deco Living Room

Using Soft Color Tones Can Do Magic On Your Living Room

While designing your living area with art deco design, one should not overlook art deco theme. If you think to use colors that are your personal favorite, then somehow it will prove a wrong choice of yours. To give an art deco approach to your living room, you should use color for painting like warm green, muted mocha, soft gray etc. On living room walls, you can use light gray or brown colors and the astonishing part is; with such combination your living area will look spacious.

Get Circular Patterns

In art deco design, mixing patterns and various angles have a strong role and at the time of art deco emergence, it has become quite popular among people. While thinking of using designs and patterns, do consider circular patterns to apply on your living room area that will give it a complete art deco appearance. In decorating elements, you can consider home decor and design or furniture that you are going to use in your living area which should be in rectangular or squares. Use a table lamp with circular base or get a pillow with circular design to decorate your living room in art deco design.

Neutral Furniture To Use In Your Living Room For Art Deco Design

Using neutral furniture and colors in your living room while decorating in unique way, can do a wonderful job in your home decor. To catch attention of all visitors towards your amazing decor, wooden floor and neutral paint shades are quite popular. Even while choosing big objects of your living room like couches, curtains or loveseats, you should select simple color and design option to use in your living area decor. In addition to it, neutral shades always look fresh and vibrant, so you should use it for your perfect art deco design living area.