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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Cloche Hat during the 1920s

The art deco period or the 1920s were very well known with its new fashion style and statement by women. Women during the 1920s were...

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Hemlines during the Art Deco Period

During the 1920s or also referred to as the art deco period, women had a new sense of fashion way different from the fashion sense before...

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Messy Chignon and Complex Chignon Hairstyles

Long hairstyles during the 1920s were way too old school during that period. Hairstyles during the art deco period or during the 1920s...

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Long Hairstyles during the Art Deco Period

Even though the bob haircut was the most famous haircut or hairstyle in women during the 1920s or known as the art deco period, not all...

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Art Deco Hairstyles

It was during the 1920s when art deco design has ever started. During the 1920s or the art deco years, there were big changes in how women...

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