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Tamara De Lempicka – And Her Paintings

Tamara De Lempicka – A Powerful Name Among Art Deco Artists

When discusing about art deco artists, one cannot forget to remind unpredictable art deco artist Tamara De Lempicka who had created a huge collection of versatile art deco paintings. This art deco artist has got great recognition for her distintive art work and revolutionary creations around the world. Her creations had life and are still as alive as it was century ago. Tamara De Lempicka had brought up exclusive range of sensuous art deco paintings describing various elements. The painting for sensuous bedroom eyed lady in beautiful dress renders in such a haunting poses. This painting seems as it is portraying Tamara’s own life in dramatic vision.

Sleeping Woman By Art Deco Artist Tamara de Lempicka

A Brief About Tamara De Lempicka’s Personal Life

he life of Tamara was quite interesting and some hints of her life can be seen through her art deco paintings. This talented art deco artist had got married twice with a very rich person and then moved to Russia from Poland and afterwards, to Paris. After getting training for painting in 1918, Tamara started getting tuition privately in the same. In the year 1925, she firstly organized her first art deco exhibition in Paris from where she started strengthening her feet as a art deco artist. It was a time when her work started exploring and appeared in various museums, galleries and so on.

Men & Women Are Main Inspiration Of Tamara’s Art Deco Paintings

Self Portrait Of Tamara

This art deco artist mainly takes men and women as her painting inspiration. She drew many paintings based on men and women. Her paintings bring the best side of her inspiration and ultimately, becomes object for inspiration. The art deco paintings of Tamara had completely revolutionarized the art world. While portraying women in her paintings, Tamara portray her creation in such a stylized and hard edged way. The glimpse of art deco design can purely be seen over her creations. Tamara’s paiting of women wearing satin gowns of white color in 1930 got popular around the world.

About Tamara’s Art Deco Painting Of Mrs. Allan Bott

The list of appealing art deco paintings of this art deco artist is endless, but in this list the portrait for Mrs. Allan Bott which was painted in 1930 was quite graceful. This work had brought up a great fame to this art deco artist. This portrait shows full portrayal of a lady who is wearing a white slinky slip dress with shoes of T-strap. In this portrait, the artist also combined a wrap of fur around the sexy legs with a cluster in background. This is a painting worth recognition and several people admitted the beauty of this art deco painting.

Tamara – An Art Deco Artist Who Was A Lover Of Freedom & Free From Prejudice

Apart from Tamara De Lempicka’s work and her contribution to art deco design, there are many other things that make her unique and an attractive personality. No doubt, her work had distintive approach for which she had got unexpected recognition around the world, but her views and personality did a great job to make her popular. This art deco artist is completely free of any kind of prejudice and truly admire to be in freedom. Her paintings show her core views about power and sex.