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The House of Hungarian Art Nouveau

Masterpiece Of Art Deco Architecture – The House Of Hungarian Art Nouveau

Art deco architecture had scattered everywhere. Many art deco buildings come into the existence at the time art deco emergence. These art deco buildings had famed as art deco masterpiece and people still love seeing art deco buildings for different reasons. For architects, art deco buildings are still a piece of inspiration from which they take inspiration to aspire their architectural projects. In the list of famous art deco buildings, the house of Hungarian art Nouveau has a strong place. This building is actually a masterpiece for art deco architecture.

An Unmatchable Museum Available In Hungary

The name of the house of Hungarian Art Nouveau does not require any introduction because it has gained vast recognition due to its architecture and art deco design, but in case, you are not much familiar to this masterpiece, then information available here will definitely prove helpful to you. It is basically a Hungarian museum. The main purpose of this museum is to rebuild peaceful environment and appealing time. In this building, the era of art deco was perfectly captured. There is no match of such beauty which exists there in this museum.

Venue For Unique Exhibition Programs & Events

The House of Hungarian Art Nouveau

This art deco building is used as venue for different cultural programs and exhibitions for temporary purpose. In addition to temporary events, this building also showcases permanent Hungarian exhibitions. The main highlights of permanent exhibition of this building are a collection of three paintings, the collection for porcelain and furniture collection. So, once you will visit this unique museum, only then you will understand what makes this place so famous around the world or why people love coming here again and again.

The Café Inside The House Of Hungarian Art Nouveau Is Must Visiting Attraction

In this art deco building, the café is very famous and highly attractive as it represents the uniqueness of art Nouveau. This café offers delicious food items to visitors. The fresh baked products of this café are famous within visitors. To make visitors feel happy, they offer fresh baked delicacies including baked croissants, pastries, cookies, hot chocolate, coffee specialties and so on. So, if you ever visit this unique art deco building, then never forget to try delicacies of this art Nouveau café.

Attractive Collection Of Art Nouveau Furniture And Crafts

At this building, the visitors can see amazing range of high ranked furniture collection representing art deco design and appeal. There are currently 20+ cabinets and the counting of these cabinets is increasing day by day. This collection is varied but definitely holds Art Deco appeal and style. In addition to appealing collection of furniture, the crafts are another worth viewing element of this art deco building.