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The Origins of Jazz

Jazz Music Brought Great Revolution In Music World

Among music lovers, Jazz Music is all time favorite music style. It is America’s first music style that influenced the music all around the world. Several music enthusiasts believe that early jazz music was influenced by Emancipation era and post civil war. The time Emancipation was known for former slaves who got freedom later for traveling to spread their heritage of African rhythm. This jazz music emerged from following elements.

  • Field hollers and spiritual slave workers.
  • Ragtime syncopation beat
  • Brass bands sounds and driving marches
  • Growl of deep down blues

First Jazz Music Recording History

The first recording of jazz music was done in 1917 by Dixieland Jazz band. After that several other small groups contributed to this group like a copycat band and recorded many other jazz songs. Though, their efforts counted in positive way and as its result millions of jazz music copies were sold. These recordings enabled jazz music to reach at all corners of the world. The development of Jazz music was begun in city New Orleans. The king of this place, Oliver performed jazz music in 1900s. After that time, Steamboats also helped spreading this music to numerous musicians and jazz bands.

Jazz Music In 20s

In the time of 20s, Jazz music started migrating to new band format that combined to several new elements like black spirituals, European music, blues and ragtime. Several artists of jazz music of that time sported this music and these artists include Ben Pollack, Fletcher Henderson, Don Redman and Duke Ellington. These artists related to some jazz stars which have been burgeoning and big bandleaders like Glenn Miller, Benny Carter, Roy Eldridge, Coleman Hawkins, John Kirby and Benny Goodman had been future. At this stage, jazz music was being played in almost all types of places and occasions. Although, the main segment from where the artists have been earning revenue was ballroom crowds and broadcasting through radio in 20s to 30s.

Jazz Music Got Exceptional Success Among Americans By 30s

When jazz music was invented and performed in most of the occasions and by maximum performers, then by 30s, the music got to exceptional heights. This popularity of jazz music was increased when American people started inventing new, exciting and innovative dance forms through Jazz music rhythm. In 1926, with Savoy Ballroom in Harlem was the occasion which opened doors for jazz music and dance and by Big band era, it became simply a hotbed to swing bands. From this time, swing dance got fame, refined and named as lindy hop. Live broadcasts of radio and recordings enabled masses to hear this music and experience the craze of Jazz music.