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The Roaring Twenties

The 1920s decade marks dramatic changes not just in economically and politically speaking, but also socially. Most Americans already opt to living in the city rather than living in rural and remote areas in the country. 1920s was also referred to as roaring twenties since it was during the 1920s wherein the nation’s wealth have increased more than 100% of the nation’s wealth during earlier decades. However, not all people have easily accepted and adjusted to the roaring twenties’ dramatic changes. Due to the decade’s dramatic changes, numerous conflicts had aroused.

Women in the Roaring Twenties

As mentioned above, there was a dramatic social change in people during the roaring twenties. And fashion is under that “social change” we speak of. Women from the 1920s were referred to as “flappers” and even as of the present times, flappers are still wide known to be a very familiar symbol from the roaring twenties. Flappers donned very short hairstyle, known as the bob hairstyle, and flappers starting to be rebellious in such way that they started to drink alcoholic beverages, smoke cigarettes, and even play various sports that needed physical contact and other unladylike activities.

Mass Culture in the Roaring Twenties

Since the economics in the 1920s were good, most people already have enough resources to by various consumer goods, such as clothes, appliances, furniture, cars, etc. Since most people during the 1920s were able to afford buying consumer goods, manufacturers of those consumer goods were already mass producing. It was during the roaring twenties wherein people from different stages of life purchased automobiles. From automobiles, businesses such as service stations and motels started just to meet road travelers’ needs.

Jazz Age in the Roaring Twenties

Since most people from the roaring twenties have direct access to cars already, they already have the freedom to go wherever they wanted to go. One of the places that people from the roaring twenties love going to is a place where there are jazz bands playing and where they can dance and meet new people. Jazz music during the roaring twenties were very famous but there were also some people, especially people who are quite old did not find jazz music to be soothing to their ears and nice. Old people from the roaring twenties greatly believe that jazz music to be vulgar and worse moral disasters. Even if there were people who objected jazz music, 1920s was still referred or considered to be a jazz age.

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