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The Wiltern, A Los Angeles Art Deco Landmark

Wiltern – Fames In Exceptional Art Deco Buildings

To see the beauty and surprising factors of art deco design, Wiltern in Los Angeles will be the best art deco landmark option for you. This is one of the popular art deco buildings and is simply beyond imagination. Every aspect of this building has developed according to art deco design. Due to its uniqueness and stylish appeal it has become a famous historical art deco landmark. It is one of the most impressive art deco buildings around the world. Many people believe that this building represents the best of art deco architecture through its design and architecture.

The Wiltern Looks Taller Than Its Actual Size

Indeed, the fact will certainly surprise you as this art deco landmark the Wiltern seems taller than its real size. It seems quite unbelievable but true. It has narrow windows which are designed very skillfully that takes the spectators’ eyes upward and create amazing illusion for skyscraper. Furthermore, the amazing tiles in green color are cut in zig zag shape, looks simply stunning. This zigzag design is named as Zig Zag French design. Such design catches the attention of every visitor and elaborates the dynamics of art deco design.

Revolutionary Example Of Art Deco Design

Revolutionary Example Of Art Deco Design

This astonishing art deco building has become a revolutionary example of art deco design. In 20s, Los Angeles was the fastest growing city of the US and the owner of The Wiltern building De Roulet was interested to make his luck in this growing city, therefore, he decided for this multipurpose art deco building. This building was proved the best choice for the founder, De Roulet. The Wiltern contains commercial offices, theatre, and retail space and so on. For this project, Roulet had turned to famous old Los Angeles Architecture like Walls & Clements and Morgan.

Key Notes About The Wiltern

Several factors have contributed to make the Wiltern an exceptional art deco landmark. For this purpose, the founders have hired famous architect Stiles O. Clement who was a specialist of art deco design at that time. That moment, Clements had just finished with his project for Richfield Building of Los Angeles. His experienced work and skills for art deco had surprised the world when the Wiltern project had lasted. In 1931, the building had started and in one year, it gets closed. The theatre of this building was leased by Warner Bros. Therefore, later the theatre was started calling as Warner Bros Western Theatre.

Amazing Facts About The Wiltern Theatre

The theatre available in this art deco building is like the soul of this masterpiece. In starting, the theatre was closed after 1 year and 1985, it again opened. Before reopening the theatre, a great restoration program was applied on it to make it impressive. Hiring famous mural painter, the original look and soul of the theatre have gained after restoration. Gradually, some changes have made to make the theatre more advanced and accommodate for music performances.