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Top Hat during the 1920s

Hats during the 1920s were not only used as a protection from direct exposure to sunlight, hats during the 1920s were mostly used as a fashion accessory. At first, hats used as fashion accessories were seen or considered to be rebellious, however, when there were already a lot of people, ranging from children to adults and both women and men, who love wearing hats no matter if they go to casual occasions or even formal occasions, fashion hats  during the 1920s were easily accepted by the people. Hats were even considered to be an essential part of both men and women’s daily outfit.

Top Hats during the 1920s

Vintage Silk Top Hat

Top hats, specifically silk top hats during the 1920s or also referred to as the art deco period were already essential to men’s formal wear. When in fact, it had been already a century during the 1920s where silk top hats were widely used by men. Top hats were used as a fashionable signifier for social status of men during the 1920s. However, due to the constant change in fashion sense and economic turmoil, the popularity of top hats slowly decreased until it ended soon after the 1920s.

History of Top Hats

As mentioned above, it had been already a century during the 1920s of the usage of top hats. The very first time a top hat was used in public was on January 1797. It was first worn by a British haberdasher while strolling along the streets of London wearing a stovepipe-shaped hat which he made himself. Due to the uniqueness of the design of his hat, a large crowd gathered around him, which made the British haberdasher to get arrested because of an accusation of disturbing public order. That was then the beginning of the top hat in the fashion world all over the world.

Top Hat Designs of the 1920s

Since the beginning of top hats, top hats remained to be an essential component in men’s formal wardrobe for more than a hundred years after. However, even though top hats were always used by men for more than 100 years, during the 1920s, there have been slight modifications and changes of top hat designs. During the 1920s, the height of the top hat had been reduced and other materials, aside from silk, were also used in making tip hats. Even though the designs were slightly modified or changed, top hats in men remained to be a sartorial status symbol that denotes power and wealth of its wearers.