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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Types of Art Deco Glass

Art deco design started more than 90 years ago. Art deco design has been able to influence all areas of design for the past 90 years. Many people love art deco design, for it brings out elegance, glamour, sleek, and contemporary design style. Art deco glass is any type of architectural glass that was designed and made during the 1930s. Art deco glass reflects art deco design characteristics when used in various forms of art deco design style. Art deco design involves sleek and clean lines, various geometric patterns, sunburst designs, and graphic images with strong and bold colors.

Type of Art Deco Glass: Stained Glass

Art Deco Design Stained Glass

Stained glass has been widely used in many art deco architectures. Art deco architectures during the 1930s were never complete without stained glass or leaded glass included in their designs. Stained glass are transparent glass with fragmented and geometrically shaped glasses, which are then arranged into the transparent glass with bold and black lines separating each element. Stained glass used in art deco architectures has been one of the main elements when it comes to Art Deco Design.

Type of Art Deco Glass: Vitrolite Glass

Art Devo Building with Black Vitrolite

If you are looking for a type of art deco glass that can be used in designing your interiors and exteriors of your home or building, then you can use vitrolite glass. Vitrolite glass is a type of glass that is opaque and pigmented. Vitrolite glass has a glossy surface that gives its sleek, elegant, and clean designs of the art deco period. Vitrolite glass can be made to order in various shapes and colors, interior designers and architectural designers used vitrolite glass in creating creative mosaic murals and even different creative signs.

Art Deco Glass Jewelry

Aside from using art deco glasses in designing architectures’ exteriors and interiors, art deco glass can also be used in making art deco glass jewelry. Art deco glass pieces were also loved by women for the past 90 years to be worn in the form of jewelry. Blown glass beads were one popular art deco glass jewelry during the art deco period. Various art deco glass types were sculpted, blown, cut, or molded to different shapes and designs to make it look elegant, sophisticated, and even modern. Rene Lalique is one of the first person to make art deco glass jewelry during the art deco period.