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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Use Of Art Deco Glass In Interior

Glasses Do A Wonderful Job In Art Deco Interior

When looking for a distinguished art deco interior, glasses can bring a magical appearance to your entire decor. Using colorful glass pieces in art deco design makes a room shiny and bright. It seems that several gemstones have collected at a place and giving light to entire room. Art deco glass has distinctive approach. It is made of variety of colors and textures. Several art works can also be found on these art deco glasses. When using them on an art deco interior, it gets a new and unique appeal to deco design.

Art Deco Glass In Varied Forms & Styles

Of course, as art deco design is influenced by several other design movements and events of 20s, so when talking about art deco glass, you cannot overlook such influential elements in stained glass as well as in Vitrolite glasses. Like other items or elements, art deco design has put a significant impression on glasses as well. Therefore, when you are on art deco interior, you have to be familiar about types of art deco glass. Your selection of glass matters to bring desired impression on your decor. Whether you are decorating your living area, or your office, art deco glass selection matters a lot.

Glass In Graphic Design

Art Deco Glass Designs

Graphic design and shapes are a prominent element of art deco and if you have idea about art deco design, then you must know that graphic is used in mostly every items influenced by art deco design. You can select glasses in bold lines may it be a vase or any other item. It will certainly bring a wow look to any living area. The glass colors should be neutral as it harmonizes color combinations. To get a warm approach in your decor, you should use green tones or violet accents around your room.

Floral Design Adds Life To Decor

Floral designs are used extensively in art deco interior. Therefore, when choosing art deco glass, you should not forget the importance of floral design anyways. On glass items like vase or other decorative stuff, use blue or dark orange colors with whimsical patterns as it will bring a serene and sophisticated approach in your interior. In floral approach, you can include flowers’ sprig, leaves, flowers or so on. Such designs give a eye-catchy appearance and attractive feel to entire decor.

Figural Glass Design In Art Deco Interior

When choosing glass items for art deco interior, figural factor can play a strong part. Using stable shapes and design with rich colors can get an overwhelming look to the decor. It should have graphical and bold lines. In these items or objects, patterns, colors and textures bring a great expression.