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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Vintage Wall Art Inspiration

When looking to give a new look to your wall, there is no other better option than Vintage wall art. This makes your boring wall more interesting and you can enhance the look of your interiors like was in Art Deco Era.

Making a Vintage Wall Art

Beautiful Plates

During your visit to a flea market, if you see some sort of stylish plates, buy them and use them on your walls. From a hobby or a craft store, you can buy some plate hanging hardware for hanging those plates on your wall.

Vintage Map

A Vintage map looks perfect to start a conversation at mealtime. You can mount in on the front wall and make it a part of vintage wall art.

Hang Old Windows

Vintage Mirror

You can hang old windows on your wall. On the part of its glass, you can give a custom look by using mirror spray paint and turn that window into a beautiful vintage mirror.

Jewelry Holder

If you have a vintage printer’s tray, then turn it into your favorite jewelry holder and mount it on your bedroom walls. You can paint the case to compliment your décor and enhance its look in an amazing way.

Use Family Pictures

Pictures on the Wall

If your stairway is blank, turn it into a display to treasure your family or memorable pictures. To add a vintage touch, print the pictures in black and white or sepia. Use variety of display and frames to make it more appealing.

Recovered Shutters

Use some old building materials in a new way to add a sense of history. Recovered/Salvaged shutters are an ideal way to add beauty and texture to your walls. You can prop up these shutters behind the furniture and secure them to the walls in an elegant way.

Vintage Tags and Labels

The bright colors of vegetable crate labels and vintage fruit crate make a bold statement when they merged together. The graphic labels of these crates when display in the middle of the sea of white accessories crates a perfect retro cottage display.

Beach Antiques

Secure your beach treasures in a shadow box to remember your leisure time year around. You can use scrap of vintage wall paper for the background. Also, can assemble shells, sea horses, sea fans and other things altogether in the box.

Add clothing as Décor

If you have any vintage clothing, then use it as your art décor. You can frame it and give an astonishing look to your room.

Vintage Gallery

With vintage artwork or rustic art work, you can add interest to any room. You can choose a theme select pieces from garage sale or flea market as per your interests.

Vintage art never go out of date. You can apt it to make a style statement. Whether you are looking for Art Deco style or vintage wedding hairstyles, you will also appear different from others.