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Wedding Dresses during the 1920s

When compared to wedding dresses or other formal attires from the 1910s and wedding dresses and formal attires in the 1920s, 1920s were a far and distinctive cry. Differences between wedding dresses from the 1920s and 1910s are so obvious and distinct. Wedding dresses of the 1920s when compared to wedding dresses from the 1910s have higher hemlines, lower waistlines, and more comfortable and lighter fabrics. Modern brides from the 21st century still continue to love and use 1920s-inspired wedding dresses, for the design can present a fresh, youthful, sophisticated, and carefree bride as the bride walks down the aisle.

No to Floor Length Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses during the 1920s

Knee-length dresses of women were very commonly used during the 1920s. However, it’s a common misconception that all women during the 1920s wore knee-length dresses or dresses even during weddings. There were some brides from the 1920s who did not opt for knee-length dresses, however, they still did not use floor length dresses, but they used ankle-length dresses or mid-calf length dresses. During the late 1920s, the shorter knee-length dresses as wedding dresses became more popular and length dresses started to shorten again and designed with handkerchief-designed hemlines.

Going for a Boyish Look

The most recognizable style from the 1920s in fashion in general for women is the comfortable and boyish style of their dresses and outfits. Fashion for women during the 1910s were so constrictive and uncomfortable, while fashion for women during the 1920s were completely the opposite. For wedding dresses during the 1920s, fabric colors were not the usual white color, brides of the 1920s opted for brighter pastel tones. Most wedding dresses had a straight cut, sleeveless, hand gloves that reaches the elbows, and had an overlay of lace.

Lace Overlay

To make wedding dresses a little bit sophisticated and glamorous, overlaying in with lace and/or linen, and adding embroidered flowers. If brides are not still contented with lace and embroidered flowers or other designs in their wedding dresses, silk and other fabrics can also be used with beads to help elaborate geometric shapes of the wedding dress. In general, the whole wedding dress look during the 1920s will be completed with scarves made of lace in the front or even at the back portion of the wedding dress. Placing a flower made of silk ant the center portion of the waist area of the wedding dress can also be done to add sophistication of the wedding dress.