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Wedding Shoes during the 1920s

Women from all over the world have this some kind of fetish when it comes to shoes. Shoe fashion from the 1920s was somehow very conservative when it came to style, wherein shoes worn by women wearing dresses just had minimal lift and some small kitten heel. For wedding shoes during the 1920s, brides loved wearing shoes that is made with silk and/or satins. Aside from silk and satin, there were also some women who loved wearing leather uppers that were colored with antique white or ivory shades.  Wedding shoes will forever be cherished and kept, that is why, women will always choose the best designed wedding shoes for their very special occasion.

Wedding Shoe Styles

Wedding Shoes during the 1920s

Some women from the 1920s who were referred to as flappers were the new breed of young Western women. Flappers donned bob hair, very dramatic and heavy makeup, wore short skirts, and listens and danced to jazz music. Flappers who get married during the 1920s loved wearing Mary Jane shoes that had ankle straps. For other women who gets married during the 1920s, pointed-toe pumps with a T strap or T-bar style were also common. Pointed toe pumps may be closed-toe or peep-toe.

Wedding Shoe Details

For 1920s wedding shoes, pointed toe shoes were the classic regardless of the shoe style. Rounded toes were not common or famous not until the 1930s. Pointed toe shoes with leather straps and buckles were famous for wedding during the 1920s and when shoes were made of satin and/or silk, fabric straps will be used as an embellishment or an addition to the design that will be tied around the ankles. Adding embellishments such as sequins or ribbons to plain shoes can transform it to a special occasion shoes that can be made or used during weddings.

Different Types of Wedding Shoe Heels

There are 3 common or general types of heels that women from the 1920s love wearing during weddings or other events. The 3 common types of heels for women were:

  • The Louis Heel – this type of help has a curve.
  • The Boulevard Heel – when compared to the Louis heel, the boulevard heel is straighter, however, the boulevard heel also has a slight curve.
  • The Cuban Heel – the Cuban heel was considered to be the most common style of heel during the 1920s. The Cuban heel is a thick block heel that is 2 inch to 2 ½ inch in height.