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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

What is Art Deco Jewelry

Art Deco rings and earrings have gained vast popularity since ages. In the history of jewelry, the period of Art Deco is quite popular and remarkable. The designs are finely influenced from geometrical shape triangle, circle, square or rectangle. Inspired by Mughal Royal Jewels, Ballet Russes and machinist aesthetics, these jewelries offer an imperial look and appeal. Finest and antique Art Deco jewelry has diamonds along with rubies, emeralds and sapphires, making it more elegant, exclusive and stylish.

Different kinds of Art Deco Jewelry

There is a vast selection of Art Deco jewelry available such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, watches and brooches.

  • Art Deco Earrings

The most popular Art Deco style is the long pendant earrings. These are equipped with diamonds, large stones or gemstones and look fabulous after wearing. With the multiple beads strands, the earring of Art Deco looks amazing with flapper-style dress. During the era of Art Deco, chandelier earrings were also very admired.

Featuring many pearls or beads, the Art Deco Necklace is liked by many women because of its antique aspect and unique look. Available in different colors, women wore pearl necklaces for formal events or occasions.

  • Bracelets

In 1920s, women love to wear sleeveless dresses or short sleeved dresses. For complementing such dresses, they embellished their arms  in numerous thicker cuffs and bracelets. The thicker bracelets of Art Deco featured colored grass accents and large gemstones studded with crystals or diamonds. The women of the upper class wore tennis bracelets in square settings with gemstones as a sign of status statement.

  • Art Deco Rings

The most popular rings of the Art Deco Era are the Cocktail rings. These over sized rings features a large centered diamond, gemstones or centered gem, usually wears by women in the cocktail parties and other formal events for flaunting their styles.

  • Watches

During the Art Deco Era, diamond watches have become a trendsetter for women. In the white metals, rectangular and square faces are studded with gemstones or diamonds. The less expensive watches of the era use wrist bands made of rhodium plated band, leather or plastic without any stones.

Brooches in the Art Deco era used as fur clips, duettes and dress clips. These are accessories that contain long clips or prongs or hinged clasps for attaching to the fabric. Moreover, these can be easily attached to hats, dresses, sleeveless dresses, shoes and belts.

Art Deco Jewelry – Persuade Women of Any Age

The Art Deco jewelry is one of the finest examples of the antique jewelry that undergo a remarkable change. These are the most elegant and classy jewelry that has been the favorite choice of many women for ages. Moreover, these are the best gifts to give to your loved ones or any woman in your family. With the symmetrical styles or geometrical shapes of Art Deco earrings, rings or any jewelry, it can certainly persuade women of any age.