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What Is Jazz

Jazz Music – Having Several Styles & Types

Jazz music consists to several styles and types and if you want to know what is Jazz, then you have to go through the core detailed elements of Jazz music at first. Initially, when Jazz music first started, it was an individual identity; however now jazz has emerged in several forms like Latin, Fusion, Acid Jazz and Jazz Rock etc. Being related to Americans’ and as it was first started in America, so it is known as a classical music of America. It is only art form of America. Moreover, the jazz history shows several definitions of jazz music and here you will read some interesting factors about this music style.

  • Jazz music was developed by the turn to a century.
  • Afro – Americans were mainly developed this music.
  • It contained elements of Afro – American & European culture.

Although, the word “Jazz” and its origin is still in doubt, yet it consists to a famous story. As per this story, in Chicago, there was an inebriated customer who got so excited that he leapt over feet and started shouting, “Jass it up, Jass it up Boys!” This story got great popularity and later, due to a printing error, Jass got famous as Jazz. So, it is believed that Jazz music got its name Jazz from this story only. Though, the name Jazz would not make any difference or will not cause anything to you and your love for this music.

Jazz Music Elements

Jazz is a musical form and has several characteristics like other music forms generally have. In this music form, basic elements should be treated up in right and unique way. The very first jazz element is interpretation of Jazz. Jazz is like an artist treats or plays a melody. One can play melody in jazz style easily. It can be done by putting triplets’ feeling to basic jazz beat. Quoting melodies is a common jazz practice and these melodies are made by difference sources in solo form particularly. While playing jazz music, put it to triplet feeling and it will become swinging melody.

Improvisation – A Tough But Necessary Element

In Jazz music, improvisation is highly tough and necessary element and one has to master in this element to be expert in this music style. Put this element in this music while editing, performing, revising or composing. This element is actually very important and on this basis, jazz artists are being judged and are claim to reach at immortality. Though, it is quite complex ideas to accomplish, but it helps emerging outstanding music composition. This element encompasses overall music, not only Jazz music. Moreover, we can say that improvisation element is not only limited to Jazz music, but it is much more extended to other musical styles.

Rhythm In Jazz Music

Rhythm is highly notable and important factor in jazz music. Each music is based upon a particular rhythm and a perfect rhythm makes music different and gives it an identity. Jazz rhythm provides it a distinguishing entity from other music forms. Rhythm can be happened to any musical measure or beat. Music gets life with its rhythm. In Jazz music, rhythm is provided to various given pieces.